Resources in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is an open-minded and diverse town. Ann Arbor has been ranked one of the top 5 gay small towns in the US, according to GayWired. There are many wonderful resources for LGBT individuals and allies in Ann Arbor and throughout Southeast Michigan. View a list of these organizations. Pride Source is a major LGBT-themed news organization in Michigan, publishing a weekly newspaper called Between the Lines.  

 Student perspectives:

“Coming from a country where LGBT individuals/issues are not given due respect, it was fantastic to be embraced without judgment here.”

“I wish I had known that not all of the US is LGBTQ friendly. It came as quite a shock to me just how much discrimination, both individual and institutional, there is in this country. I also wish I had known the extent of the influence of Christianity has on both the culture and the government in the US.”

Please Note: These are the perspectives of different U-M students and do not reflect the University of Michigan’s point of view.