Resources on Campus

There are many support groups on campus for students who are LGBT and for students who are questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation

CAPS, the University mental health service, offers free confidential group sessions for gay/bi/questioning men and for lesbian/bi/questioning women, in addition to individual counseling.

The Spectrum Center offers the following programs:

  • Gender Explorers, a group for transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and transgender-questioning people and those who transgress gender binaries, and their trans-friendly family, significant others, and friends.
  • One-on-one mentoring and support with GPS, which is provided for students by students.

Student perspectives: 

“U-M is a center of thought, action and change. LGBTQ international students who are either open about their sexuality, in different phases of coming out or in the closet, should make use of varied resources, centers, people, educational programs and activities on campus. It is a place that will make you comfortable, regardless of your orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression. It is an urban microcosm that will fill you with confidence to be who you are and provide you with enough motivation to continuously work toward improving the climate for LGBTQ individuals wherever you go.” 

 “I've gotten support through the local gay community among the students, and sometimes through the Spectrum Center." 

“Although Ann Arbor is a very liberal city, I do not have many chances to meet other gay friends. I went to my school’s orientation and went to AUT bar with other grad students once. I only know a few gay friends because of culture differences.”

Please note: these are the perspectives of different U-M students and do not reflect the University of Michigan’s point of view.