Coming Out and Being Out

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The University of Michigan has a non-discrimination policy that protects students from discrimination due to their gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Many students feel comfortable being “out” as LGBT on campus. It is your decision whether or not to share your sexual orientation and/or gender identity while at the University of Michigan.

Student perspectives:

“My experience as an international LGBTQ student at the U of M has been nothing short of liberating and efflorescent. I sometimes see myself as a ‘sexual refugee’ under the guise of a student pursuing the privilege of higher-education. The sense of liberation I experienced at Michigan has lead to self-discovery and self-acceptance. However, as supportive as the gay community at the U of M has been, I still feel a pervasive lack of visibility among the non-White and non-US LGBTQ students. As such, almost everything I know about LGBTQ identities is based on White America.”
“The University has given me utmost confidence to be out in thought and action; has provided me the opportunity to serve the LGBT community on campus and learn more about diverse issues affecting us; and given me the agency to BE the change I wish to see and bring about.”
“In my home country, I came out to my best friends and sisters but not everyone. Here in the US, some of my American gay friends do not understand that coming out in East Asian culture is not an individual thing. If I come out, my family comes out as well.”
Please Note: These are the perspectives of different U-M students and do not reflect the University of Michigan’s point of view.